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    U.S History Quiz: 1980–2019
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____ became a U.S. Senator from New York in 1999. Bill Clinton
____ became the U.S. National Security Advisor in 2018. Chuck Grassley
____ was U.S. Speaker of the House (1995-1999). Chuck Schumer
____ became a U.S. Senator from Iowa in 1981. George H.W. Bush
The 42nd U.S. President (1993-2001) was ____. Heidi Heitkamp
____ was a U.S. Senator from North Dakota (2013-2018). John Bolton
____ became U.S. Secretary of State in 2018. Mike Pompeo
The 41st U.S. President (1989-1993) was ____. Newt Gingrich

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