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School-wide subscriptions include 24-hour per day school and home access to the entire Quiz Hub (spanning all core subjects from the kindergarten through high school levels).

The yearly subscription rate for schools with fewer than 300 students is $300 per school. For schools with a total enrollment of 300 or more students, the yearly subscription rate is $1 per student. Please make your check or purchase order payable to:

Quiz Hub, 534 Village Blvd North, Baldwinsville NY 13027

For quicker account activation, you can email your purchase order to An account name and password will be emailed to you and an invoice will be sent to your billing department. All of your students and teachers will share a single account and password. We are staunch advocates for student privacy and therefore do not track individual students or collect student-specific data. Check out Our Privacy Policy. Your subscription will extend for one year from the date of activation. Feel free to use our graphics to link to the Quiz Hub. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Classroom Teachers & Parents

Quiz Hub subscriptions are sold only to U.S. public schools and other U.S. tax-exempt nonprofit educational organizations. We don't offer individual, family, or classroom memberships. If you would like your students to have full access to the Quiz Hub, please ask your principal or librarian to purchase a school-wide subscription.

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