Quiz Hub: Privacy Policy

1.  We are staunch defenders of student privacy. The Quiz Hub doesn't collect any personally identifiable information (PII). Subscriptions are only sold school-wide. All students and teachers from a school share a single account and password. Since individual students are not tracked, no student-specific data can be obtained.

2.  We use cookies and IP addresses to keep track of which schools are logged into the Quiz Hub and which quizzes are used most frequently. We also collect some quiz answers. This anonymous data is used to improve the Quiz Hub.

3.  We securely store school billing information (including the buyer's name, email address, school, zip code, purchase price, and subscription expiration date). Since all subscriptions are paid by check, no credit card data is collected.

4.  We do not provide information to third parties. The Quiz Hub is not marketed to parents or students. There are no advertisements on the site.


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